How do you stack your bracelets?

How do you stack your bracelets?

Is there a right way to stack your bracelets? We are not sure there is a rule book for that, but here at Elliot Lane, we believe YOU DO YOU. When my sister and I started our company, we knew we had different styles in jewelry and the way we wore our bracelets.   For me, wearing a more classic and timeless bracelet stack is my go-to.  My sister, she loves a trendier and funkier look. Our, styles together inspired the designs of Elliot Lane bracelets. 

When stacking bracelets do you like a couple bracelets, or do you love as many as possible?  We can go either way.  We love a simple stack with a few bracelets, and we love a fuller stack with 5 bracelets.  At Elliot Lane we love designing 5-stack bracelets, we feel it's a perfect amount to fit on the wrist.  Our stacks are the perfect blend of mine and Jackie's style, simple delicate bracelets, like a 5mm gold beaded bracelet and a chunkier style bracelet like our acrylic bangles.  Most days I prefer to stack with a blend of our 4mm and 5mm gold beaded bracelet's, added with a couple of our letter beaded bracelets.  I love the simple and effortless look and I always love wearing my kid's names or a word that inspires me.  You can wear them as an everyday piece throughout the day, and then just pop on any style stack to add color and texture. 

Now if you like wearing multiple bracelets to create a fuller stack, and are more of a trendy and funky style, my sister is your girl.  Now I'm not sure if "chunkier" is the best way to describe the beads that we design in our bracelets, but our acrylic bangles are the perfect style bead to give you that "chunkier" look.  Jackie's style is shown through her bracelet designs and how she curates her bracelet stacks. The acrylic bangles are a fun and modern bead that adds texture and color to every stack. They are a perfect bangle to wear on their own and/or added to a 6mm gold beaded bracelet and/or a larger gemstone bead.  

Our company is a perfect combination of my sister's and my style.  A perfect blend of classic and funky.  A perfect blend of Jackie and me!  We believe that bracelets are a way to express yourself and a way to convey your own unique style. So, whether you like to wear a simpler stack or love to stack them high, stay true to yourself and have fun stacking!!

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